Improving The Quality of Student, Here Are the Program Provide by Global Sevilla

Preparing children’s education from an early age is quite important to note. Therefore, Global Sevilla has a series of school levels for young learners. At each level, children will receive a program according to their readiness and ability. This international school Jakarta also implements a variety of curriculum and programs.


School Levels at Global Sevilla School for Prospective Students

School Levels at Global Sevilla School for Prospective Students
  1. Early Years

Some parents think that their children do not need to enter elementary school. Even in this golden age, it is effective if you want to teach basic knowledge and interestingly train your abilities. Therefore, Global Sevilla comes with an Early Years program for children aged at least 1.5 years up to 6 years old or before entering formal education.

During this time, each student will learn some essential materials to improve their abilities. Starting from social, personal development, communication, creativity development, each age range will be grouped by class. Some of them are toddlers, nursery, and kindergarten with the same study hours, which is 5 hours.

  1. Primary School

At the next school level, this international school in Jakarta has implemented the Cambridge curriculum base. Therefore, the focus of knowledge taught to students at the Primary school level is mathematics, science, and English. The focus for non-academic fields such as maintain attitudes, morals, respect, cooperation, communication, and so on.

At this level, Global Sevilla has several extracurricular activities that students can participate in. Students can take part in chess, basketball, art, drama, cinematography, robotics, and many others. Therefore, graduates from this Cambridge curriculum-based school have always been successful people and have many achievements.

  1. Secondary School

The next level provided by this international school is to focus on research and projects. At the secondary school level, students will be directly involved in every project. Each child will be trained to be a creative and innovative person through several activities such as field trips, trials, and others. This level consists of two levels, namely lower secondary and upper secondary with different exams.

  1. Pre-University

Every child will indeed be prepared before stepping into a higher level to achieve a bright future. Therefore, Global Sevilla provides a specific program that students can participate in while studying at this international school in Jakarta. Programs that can be followed by students include social, journalism, information technology, tourism, and so on.

Education obtained from an early age by children can be useful for a better future. Through Global Sevilla School, your sons and daughters will go through 4 levels of school with a fairly diverse knowledge focus according to age. However, the Global Sevilla program can help students to move to a higher level with the best skills.